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Yesterday evening when I passed a pharmacy after an evening party, I went in for band-aids because my feet were hurt by my new heels. Well, I have to admit sometimes it is really hard for me to bear new heels which are usually not very fit.

Let’s come back to my topic. The moment I entered the store, I received admirable eyesight from a man who helped me get my stuff. I immediately realized that it was my ensembles that drew his attentions. My dress was rent from a clothing store. My arm was crossed with a new Celine bag and my feet with new heels. No wonder he stared at me for a while with admiration. The moment I was ready for home, a women stopped me. I was just confused.

“Can I have a look at your bag?” She was a little embarrassed and still a little thrilled. I…I am just a Celine enthusiast, and I wonder your bag is my most covetable one.” She added. I felt relieved after hearing her words and gave her my bag.

Toughing the leather, she murmured:” so gorgeous, the same in my imagination.” “It must cost you so much.” She immediately raised her head. “Not so much.” I smiled.

When I got my Celine bag back and headed for home, my heart was full of pleasant. Guess what? Actually, my Celine is a best replica which was bought through online store two week ago. I do have no several dollars for a real Celine bag. My strong desire of such a designer handbag led me to replica Celine bags. Before I placed order, I did worry that if someone knew my bag is a replica, what could I do. But after last night, my worry is relieved. Now, I feel so happy that I choose a replica Celine bag with a higher price instead of another one charging dozens of dollars. So I got a closest replica Celine bag which can, at least, fool the passerby.